A family story

Our team

It was in 2009 that we had the idea of ​​bringing together a family team with 40 years of expertise in raw materials and tanning but also a common passion for this natural material with exceptional properties.

Vegetable Tanning


A large majority of our products benefit from skin treatment with plant-based products in order to preserve the skin's properties.


Origin and traceability is one of our priorities, all our skins come from recycling in the food industry

Our priority is to adopt an eco-responsible approach in all of our actions (materials of our products, furniture, reduction of unnecessary waste)

Our planet

We try on a daily basis to adopt an ecological approach, for example with our furniture made of wood or recycled plastic, for example thanks to Pavé

Designed and made in

🏢 France 🏭

From design to selection, prototypes, storage, logistics and even the manufacturing of the most complicated products, all in France!!!

Made in EU

Our production processes are distributed between Portugal and France to guarantee high quality and ethical production. We remain faithful to the use of European raw materials.


Fabrication 100 % Européenne

🏠 Made in EU 🏭

🏠🏭Notre siège social dans le Tarn ( France ) :
- Atelier de design et de prototype
- Atelier de confection
- Sélection des matières premières
- Stockage et Logistique

🏭 Atelier de confection Partenaire ( Toques Chapkas .. ) en Lozère ( France )

🏭 Atelier de confection au Portugal